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The number of requests in Google for the phrase "buy tickets for FIFA WC 2018" coincides with the phrase "meet Russian girls"! You just need to decide what you want more, because you have a chance to get both! And you have the opportunity to meet the most beautiful girls in Russia, because they live in Samara. Ask a Russian man, where are the most beautiful girls live in Russia? And he will tell you that the most beautiful girls live in Samara. Of course, if next to him is not worth his wife! In Russia there are cities where beautiful girls live. But the greatest number of beautiful girls lives in Samara. This is the city in which the largest number of beautiful girls live. You will be surprised to see so many beautiful girls in Samara. If you can visit Samara to FIFA World Cup Russia 2018 you will have the chance to meet with the most beautiful girls in Russia. We do not promise to you meet the most beautiful girls in Russia if you want to visit matches Round of 16 and Quarter-final in Samara. But we can arrange for you a trip to a cafe, suburban residence or nightclub, where you can meet Russian girl in real life, because we know where and when the most beautiful girls come.

All trip guided by English (Spanish, German, French, Russian) speaking tour guide.

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